Collect & Standardise your customers data from marketing and analytics tools you use to run your business



01 / Integrate

We integrate your major data sources. From your backend data, to Facebook, Adwords, Bing, Google Play Store & Itunes Connect

02 / Store

We set up your database and store all the raw data that we have collected. Then we transform the raw data into accessible & readable formats ready to be used in Tableau.

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03 / Report

With state of the art reporting software tableau, we connect directly to the reporting layer and now you can start tracking progress and answering those important business questions with interactive dashboards.

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Who Are Dataylse


After years of working as consultants, working on data projects for our customers, we realised that it was difficult for startups and business to get their hands on their data in easy to use interface. We set out to build a turn-key solution that gives management and teams the ability to make real data-driven decisions


Our vision is simple: Make data easily accessible for all. We want to take away the complexities of integrating and building reports from the company. We want to give you the ability to use your time to take the most important information away from your data.


With our technology, we automise the whole process from integration, storage and reporting. We need 30 minutes of IT time and within days you will have full access to your data & reports



Production DB
Play Store
iTunes Connect
Google Anaylitcs

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